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What We Know About the World’s Gold Deposits

There is a gold mining company in almost every continent in the world except Antarctica, and that is perhaps because no gold reserve has ever been found there. According to geological estimates, the amount of gold that has ever been mined is to the tune of 152,000 metric tons, which is very small when you reckon that it can only fill sixty tractor trailers. So, what is the world’s greatest surface reservoir for gold?

World’s Largest Gold Reservoir

Oceans are considered the largest single reservoirs of gold on the earth’s surface since they contain about eight times of the total quantity of the gold that has been mined to date. The only problem is that it will cost more than the worth of the gold on the ocean to extract it.

The Largest Deposit of Gold

The Witwatersrand mines in South Africa are credited with producing a whopping 40% of the world’s total gold. There is no consensus on where the ancient ores which are several billions of years old originated from, but some geologists think that the deposits are a residue of streams that left the gold in an ancient lake about three billions years ago, and as time went by, the sediments that bore gold solidified into rocks.

The Treasure of Five Continents

Except for the Antarctica, there are gold reserves in almost every continent in the world, and human beings have continously been mining it. The gold is in serveral different types of rocks as well as ore deposits, but the deposits are eerily similar. It is no wonder then that in most cases, gold is claimed to occur in what is considered a native form – that is, in a pure or nearly pure form. It is also noteworthy that most of the world is not even crystalline.


From the foregoing, it is clear that gold is an interesting metal that is almost mystical, and it is beneficial to the general public to learn as much about gold as is possible.

Suppressing the Signs of Age

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